Brace yourself for the most beautiful and scenic patio view in Downtown Toronto! Aria Ristorante establishes a sombre mood with an elegant prestige in environment that suits all individual tastes and caters to a variety of crowds. Enjoy the glory of the outdoors on our extravagant patio, while sipping on one of our authentic Italian wines or tasty cocktails and enjoy having the choice of a delectable meal or appetizer from our lunch, dinner or bar menu. As the fresh air of the outdoors on our patio embraces your dining experience the patio atmosphere entails a mellow and enchanted restaurant event.

Aria Ristorante helps create a wonderful and refreshing mood as it establishes an astonishing perspective of Downtown Toronto with its ability to appreciate the finer things in life, at Aria Ristorante we strive to offer you a stimulating patio bringing the exterior of beautiful Downtown Toronto alive in comfort. The popularity of patio season is highly prevalent in Toronto as it helps bring people together, which Aria Ristorante exhibits. Aria Ristorante’s patio is a place where casual meets elegance in a chic environment with a breeze of both business and pleasure. Suited for any occasion come and enjoy the many opportunities that Aria has for entertainment inside or outside on our patio establishing a breath-taking location.

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