union station

Since Downtown Toronto caters to an immense amount of travellers Aria Ristorante has kept in mind the convenience of Union Station being predominantly close. The advantage of Union Station is steps away from Aria Ristorante helping travellers stay satisfied with indulging in a drink from our list of authentic Italian wines or add fuel to your system with our fine Italian foods. Union Station is Canada’s busiest most important transportation hub, a designated National Historic Site and a significant part of Toronto’s history and identity. More than a quarter-million people use Union Station daily.

As Union Station prevails to be a major destination for shopping, dining and visiting Aria Ristorante is open to you for to relax in our astonishing 35 foot ceiling dining room and sophisticated bar area, making for a perfect and unforgettable experience in Downtown Toronto. Kick back with our elegant design that attest to a relaxing mood to inspire your tastebuds with the intriguing lunch, dinner and bar menus that we have prepared for your liking. Our outdoor luxurious patio establishes an onset for anyone whether you attend Aria Ristorante solo, with friends or family make us a part of your day as we feature classy taste striving to make every experience at our restaurant an enchanting one!

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