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Enjoy Authentic Cuisine in the heart of downtown Toronto with a stunning view of the lights and ambiance surrounding you. Enlighten yourself with the taste of scrumptious pasta, meat dishes and of course the most delectable Italian wine. We are thrilled to offer you an assortment of delicious appetizers that pair perfectly with our dishes. Our food resembles true authenticity as we use the finest ingredients within our restaurant. Let your senses run wild as you indulge with your tastebuds with sweet and savory treats, sipping on a cocktail or wine. Intrigue yourself with Authentic Italian food that is of the utmost quality as prestige. Aria Restaurant entails real Authentic Italian food keeping in mind Italy’s wonderful contemporary art we are delighted to bring you a bit closer to the fine country of Italy that includes soundful music and interesting culture. Italy is an ensemble of art, culture, natural landscapes, traditions, magic and this is exactly what Aria Restaurant brings to his guests. As we are situated in such a diverse city like Toronto we are proud to represent a Downtown Italian restaurant and because Italy is a synonym for music and art in every form, Toronto is the place to be to enjoy culture in a variety of features.